Importance of Guest Posting

Guest posting is a crucial part of SEO strategy for the business. It allows the writer to increase their exposure and website to generate new content. Leoacle consulting would like to share the importance and its relevance to business in this digital era today. In digital business consulting, guest posting is a strategic alliance and virtual partnership with potential like-minded business partners.

Digital Business Consultant for Singapore business

digital business consultant

Northstar Digital, your choice for digital business consultant

Digital business consultant helps businesses to navigate in this world by introducing technology compass. The world is moving, shifting and reforming Technology in our surroundings evolve and supersede. Change is the only consistent element to survive and this is why adapting change is an important mindset. It is crucial to walk together in this turbulent time to navigate in the waves of creative (technological) destruction.

Digital Business Model

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6 offering from Northstar Digital as a digital business consultant

3 proposal for offline business

Going online tend to be the common fear for offline business because of moving outside their comfort zone into the unknown world. We would like to provide guidance to lead them incrementally to embrace the digital era with the following proposal;

  • Bringing tradition business into the online world
  • Imparting digital business knowledge and strategies
  • Remodel the business with online competency

3 proposal for online business

Being online and yet not performing seems to be a common headache for most businesses. Allow us to look into your DNA and diagnose the issue.

  • Tunning up the current performance
  • Realigning current process to streamline the processes
  • Upgrading the infrastructure to promote efficiency

What digital business consultant do?

As illustrated with the diagram above, digital business consulting involved aligning the (internal) business with the (external) environment. Digital business consulting is about understanding the needs of a business by taking into account the technology and people. Most businesses engage with fire fighting on a daily basis for operational issues. As a result, most solutions are implemented to quench their needs without aligning with the changing requirement of the market.


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