SEO Backlinks Building (for off page SEO)

backlinks building

Introduction to backlinks building

Being a digital business consultant, SEO is an important topic for websites to grow organically. In digital marketing strategy, 10% of the visitors might be converted into leads for the business (formula might vary according to industry). This is the reason why ranking and keywords are important. On the long term, SEO helps a company to reduce the cost of acquiring customers over SEM because it creates visibility. As a result, business would spend time and money pushing up their website ranking.

Working with a reputable digital business consultant

SEO is a very technical subject and this is the reason why layman cannot see the different techniques applied behind the scenes. Work with a reputable digital business consultant such as Northstar Digital to grow your understanding on SEO and its importance.

Why is backlinks important?

Backlinks are hyperlink from another website pointing to your website. In layman terms, I would call it the popularity index. The more people talking about a particular person, the more popular he or she is. For this reason, everybody wants to rank as high as possible on Google.

backlink illustration

This explains why backlinks are important for your website on a search engine ranking. The higher the ranking the more visible your website and thus bringing more traffic. However, I would categorise the popularity into two simple indicators.

  1. Reference – in simple terms, the more backlinks you obtain the higher your reference. In layman terms, its the popularity of the website.
  2. Renowned – if your website is backlinks by an influential website, it is equivalent as being mention by an important public figure. Therefore being mention by a few influential websites would move your ranking very easily.

Advance knowledge on Google search operators

Northstar Digital is kept simple to share useful knowledge to business owner but some topics as such could be useful if there is technical knowledge. We would like to credit Monitor Backlinks for this wonderful information on advanced Google search operators. Using these advanced search operators, you could discover new websites to build your backlink.

Advance search operators are special keywords for the search engines to perform functional search. I would like to introduce two of them today.

Inurl: – this shows results which contain a specific keyword in the URL

Intitle: – this shows results which contain a specific keyword in the title

You could search for public directories using the following permutations.
*industry – business vertical such as business, retail, manufacturing
*keyword – the keyword of your interest relevant to the industry

“industry” inurl:directory
“industry” intitle:directory
“city” intitle:directory
“keyword” + directory
“keyword” directories
“keyword” + “submit site”
“city” + directory
directory + “city”
submit my site + “city”
“keyword + city” + directory
“city” + directories

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business

For a small business, SEO could be very expensive. For this reason, our digital business consultant decided to share a few free SEO backlinks public websites that would be very useful.

*Please note that these links below are applicable for Singapore business. We would be very grateful if you could share with us your personal list of free directories.

22 Free public websites for local SEO backlinks listing


Conclusion on backlinks

Building backlinks is a very important long-term task for a website. The more backlink you have the higher ranking your website would receive. If you are interested to explore backlink opportunity, feel free to contact me for a discussion.

What is your SEO strategy?

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