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How guest posting benefits a business?

Guest posting belongings to the school of content marketing in SEO. It works along with digital marketing as part of the strategy to drive traffic. In short, it creates exposure, impression and branding for a website.

In this internet era, business canvass for clients online using world wide web. This is why they invest in information technology. With the correct application of digital marketing strategy, guest posting creates business opportunities. Therefore, crucial to work with an experienced consultant such as Leoacle Consulting to leverage your business.

How guest posting is relevant in SEO?

In SEO, most websites are interested with backlinks and authority. Guesting posting is one of the off-page SEO strategy creating backlinks to the business’s website. Popular websites with high ranking and traffic tend to provide quality backlink in nature. The question is ‘How do I find quality backlink?’

Most digital marketing experts would look for dormain authority (DA) as a form of index to measure the quality of a website.Therefore, websites with high DA is often preferred. When a backlink is created, part of the trust index would be transferred resulted with an increase in website authority. In recognition of your contribution, most website would allow you to include at least one backlink in your article.

Benefits of guest posting

Generally, most websites with good traffic tend to possessed high authority in nature partly because they are usually well-maintained. Traffic is crucial in digital marketing for most business. High natural traffic, improves inbound marketing generating leads and conversions.

In digital marketing strategy, we tend to focus on 3 primary purpose; exposure, engagements and conversions. Guesting posting is driven towards engagement.

For this purpose, we tend to look into websites with targeted niche and correct market segmentation. If the writer is from the tech sector, he should be looking to a tech website for guest posting.

Useful guideline for guest posting

There are a lot of posting in the internet providing tips for quality writing. Lets not parrot their the same thing. This is why the guideline provided are unique from at least 80% of the internet.

  1. Resarch on the top article – Capture the maximum attention by look into the hottest topic and read their comments. To engage the audience and write for them. This is a chance to convert them into your potential customers.
  2. Don’t not stop at posting – It is a natural for all websites to grow their audience and to keep them happy. Share the article with people around you on Facebook, Wadsapp, Telegram and on all possible social media.
  3. Track the outcome – As explained, the purpose of guest posting is to increase authority or traffic. Best if we could acquire both, track the outcome using tools and the result would explains if your time and effort is well paid.

Free guest posting sites to get you started

To get started, you might want to look into the following websites review their guideline before starting your pen.

Outbrain –

Huffington Post –

Hubspot –

Mashable –

Investopedia –

Lifehack –

Shoutmeloud –

Smallbiztrends –

The Guardian –

Harvard Business review –

Guest Posting for Leoacle Consulting

Leoacle Consulting accepts guest post from the public for free. To find out about our requirement, you would refer to our guest posting page for more information.

What is your guest posting strategy?

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