9 email marketing strategies to start a campaign

email marketing strategies

Email marketing strategies for 2020

Email marketing strategies is for small business to promote of products/services over an electronic email for any Singapore business. This includes branding awareness, engagement or even conversion. However, it is hard to imagine that email marketing is classified as one of the evergreen strategies. Email is one of the pioneer tools for communication when the internet is first created. It is still within the habit of most people to read email and this makes it relevant to business.

How to take advantage of Email marketing strategies

It is important for any business to take advantage of their customers’ data and to create a warm link with them to build a relationship. Email marketing is one of the methods with low cost and high ROI. Work with a qualified digital business consultant such as Northstar Digital to leverage on email marketing strategies.

5+4 email marketing strategies to convenience small business

To encourage business to take up email marketing, Northstar Digital would like to share the useful marketing statistic from Hubspot. The first 5 tips help new markets to design their campaign. The next 4 tips emphasis on the importance of mobile devices. In the past, most would read emails on their computer but the landscape shifted and most people now read email on their mobile devices.

5 email marketing tips for better conversion

  1. Highest click-through rate for most campaign is at 11am.
  2. Of all days, email sent on Tuesday has the highest open rate.
  3. Brands using emoji and first name on subject attracts a higher open rate.
  4. 86% of the professional prefer email as an official mode of contact
  5. 78% unsubscribe from email due to unnecessary spam.

4 email marketing tips for mobile optimisation

  1. Mobile users tend to check their inbox 3 times more often than non-mobile users
  2. Email with incorrect display tends to be deleted within 3 seconds.
  3. Too many images decrease click-through rates.
  4. 73% of the companies surveyed prioritise mobile device optimisation.

As a bonus, final email marketing tips has to do with its importance. Among digital marketing tools, email marketing has the lowest customer acquisition cost with the highest ROI. Think about the email database most business collected. Obviously, this makes email marketing as one of the strategies for guerilla marketing.

Free email template (to start your first campaign)

To start things, Northstar Digital would like to introduce the free template layout below as a way to ignite the first campaign. Likely, you would have to start your first campaign introducing your business to a new prospect. There are considerations in creating your email.

free email template

Assuming that you are new to email marketing. This free email template would be your first project and we would like to explain the layout below for beginners.

Header – Usually a banner or topic of the email.
Introduction – Explain the email objective and definitely a memory point to help potential audience to recall or associate with the business.
Email body – This is usually an interesting part for content marketing. Most marketers would design this section with a different layout to attract prospects with their products/services. Beside image or video, consider using captions, tagline or marketing messages.
Call to action – This is the most important aspect of the email to provide an immediate response.
Footer – Contact point of references such as address, website, simple profile, or social media.

Email marketing definitions (Text formatting verse html email)

It is interesting to note that there are two schools of thoughts for email marketing; text formatting and HTML email. Email marketers would often debate about their effectiveness and today lets analyse their strength and weakness for an in-depth discussion.

text formatting

Text formatting emails are divided into two sub-categories; Plain text formatting and rich text formatting. Plain text formatting totally neglects the using of simple text highlighters such as bold, italics, underline or even html links. Therefore, rich text formatting tends to be well-received because it is easier to read the contents. Both are made to be plain and simple to the point because it looks more personal and genuine.

It is a well-known fact that most email applications or servers would block attachment, image and video format to protect the users. This creates a problem for marketers because no one could insert any code to track marketing results such as responds or conversion. As a result it is less dynamic but cheaper to implement.

html email

Html emails also have two subcategories; simple HTML and responsive HTML email. This email is formatted as a web page with colors, graphics, tables and link. It is preferred by marketers because you could include interactive features to attract your audience. This often includes brand creating and product/service awareness. Simple HTML is made for mobile users often with less content and image. Responsive HTML email is often created to promote interaction embedded with dynamic contents. Html emails are used for a variety of marketing campaign because tracking mechanism and conversion metrics are useful measurements to decipher consumer behaviours.

HTML emails are more complicated, therefore this explains why businesses required sophisticated email software and experts. Email marketing companies would also emphasis on the importance of layout. Depending on the purpose and objective, it is important to trial the effectiveness of different email marketing templates.

Email marketing predictions for 2020

More optimisation for mobile readers – with the increased of mobile users, more and more people would be connected into the world. To satisfy the consumers with increasing screen size, we cannot forget the fact that mobile device still has a small screen as compared to a computer. Email marketing should be made simple for mobile users.

AI driven automated response – With chatbots and big data, companies would be forced to adapt AI to assist them with an email marketing campaign. It would provide customers with a more speedier reply. The AI would also replace the repetitive mundane email job which many people dislike.

What is your email marketing strategy?

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  1. Personally, I have been using responsive html emails for my campaign. While writing this article, I have a pleasant surprise to learn that people do plain text formatting for emails. Now, I have to rethink the way I do my campaign.

    1. How to you know users do plain text formatting? Even though have, a small number only. Plain text is boring, stale, unimaginative. People still use plain text for security against snooping and malware. If not for that, why use plain text?

      1. You are correct but its not a small number but infect a big numbers. Some of the newsletter i subscribe is written totally in plain text. This is why in my article, I evaluate both their Pros and Cons.

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