Digital Marketing strategies you must know in 2020

Importance of digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies is a new trend for the future as traditionally businesses tend to value traditional marketing in a brick and mortar setting. The bloom of the internet has contributed to revolutionalise our traditional mindset. With the highspeed cable, more data are carried from point to point. Digital marketing has become an important aspect of the business in this technological era. Most business would implement digital marketing into their business. As a strategy, they should not deploy digital marketing solution individually. Instead, they should look at it from a sophiscated point of view This includes a holistic overview of all online marketing component before deciding on areas to deploy their resources.

Role of digital marketing

Role of digital marketing has changed over time, it started from a simple website for track visitors to content creation. If executed correctly, small business with limited resource to be exposed to elements online and creating a new channel for their business opening a door of opportunities to potential customers. According to statistics, the digital economy worth almost 3 trillion dollars daily.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing includes three main channel, this includes content marketing and social media. These factors drive traffic for the website generating brand awareness, revenue on sales of products and services. As the online economy blooms the importance of digital marketing grows exponentially. For the start, small businesses would like to first consider guerilla marketing. This allows them to commit a low level of time, money and resources for a maximum results.

Digital marketing solutions for Singapore Business in 2020

1. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for any business to engage their clients. Let’s discuss and look into different strategy to engage your prospects. We could also discuss into plain text formatting versus HTML emails.

2. SEO backlinks

According to MOZ learning Centre, backlinks are hyperlinks from another website pointing to your website. In layman terms, I would call it the popularity index. The more people talking about a particular person, the more popular he or she is. Backlink building is very important for businesses because websites on the first page usually have a lot of links pointing to them.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting is an important strategy for online business. It increases inbound traffic, attract potential customers and helps you to out rank your competitors. Tune in with us to find out more about this topic.

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