In my career working as a business consultant, I would meet a lot of interesting, innovative and entrepreneurial people. Others might appreciate my specialisation in digital marketing and information technology but believe me. I started off as nobody, everyone needs a teacher and I would like to appreciate the people who supported me on this page. You could contact me for opportunities.

Supportive Clients

Nabcore specialises in business development, marketing and designing smart products. We mall-, medium-, and large-sized companies to facilitate business for the Branding, Consultancy and Technology solutions. By leveraging on our established network, we work with suppliers to develop & distribute unique solutions.

UCloud Asia Pte Ltd provides consulting, management, advisory and professionally managed business IT security services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the region that are looking for cloud-based solutions to their various IT and applications needs, We focus to provide enterprise email security and data security to enable the customer to run a worry-free business.

Yori’s Digital Normadic Lifestyle is a delicate write spending a lot of time with digital and information technology Sharing and showing his personal experience on navigating the digital world and thus helping everyone to make an online income to lead a digital nomad lifestyle.

Soulfy is the best web hosting service provider in Indonesia. It takes only 3 minutes to have your domain free hosting website and web content. They have more than 30 big reputable brand name under their care and hosting up to 1000 websites every week. If you are planning to enter into Indonesia market, this is the service provider you must meet to find out more.

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